Tuesday, January 29, 2008

UFO "Dress Quilt" Completed!

Hooray! I've finally finished one of my unfinished objects that has been following me around for years. I was snowed in this weekend and thought I'd put the situation to good use!

Ginny acquired this airy-fairy hippie-ish dress I think when we were in Grade 12. It was patchwork, with velvet patches, can you imagine. Anyway, the dress was worn a few times and then resigned to live a lonely dark life in the closet...it wasn't the most flattering of garments. Ginny has never been able to part with the dress...I think it was the velvet patches. So, "we" decided that it might make a nice throw for watching TV or whatever.

I ripped the dress apart a few years ago and all it needed was to be assemble and sewn into a quilt. I even managed to find some velvet for the binding...from a project I made in Grade 10! I can't believe I still have fabric following me around from that long ago (I really must dung out my fabric stash...it's just so hard to part with perfectly good fabric...even if it is scrap pieces left over from another project). Anyway, the binding turned out quite nicely and finished off the throw really well.

I'm just so glad that it's out of my bin of projects that need finishing! Hooray!


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