Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Snowflake Season

So, I've decided that it is now snowflake season. It is now getting dark at 8pm and there is crap on TV and...I hate to say it...I must get my Christmas projects underway. So to start things off, I've started making my snowflakes again. I think I'm aiming for about 30 or more this year, so I thought I'd give myself piles of time to get them all finished. Took me one snowflake to memorize the pattern whereas it took probably about five snowflakes to learn and memorize the pattern last year. I was also adjusting to the microscopic crochet hook last year, but this year it's like riding a bike!

Here's a half finished snowflake to show you what their like. This one is done with sparkly crochet thread and a 1.50mm hook.


At 1:55 pm, Blogger Sol Baek said...

Now I know how you worked on the flakes and already sent me a couple of them. I have them with me know, and took some pics that I will upload later..:)


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