Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hiking the Hollyburn Trail

My friend Beth and I decided to enjoy the gorgeous weather over the long weekend by heading out on a hike. So we jumped in the car and headed up to the Cypress ski resort where we started our hike. We picked an awesome day hike, the Hollyburn Trail. To reach the trail for the Cypress parking lot we followed the Baden-Powell Trail east for a while and then turned up the mountain onto the Hollyburn Mountain trail. The hike was about 3 hours, round trip, and the views we had at the peak were amazing. It's sometimes hard to believe that wild rugged mountains are so close to the city. It was a bit smoggy over Van, so not great views on the south side of the mountain, but the views to the north were lovely.
We started the hike early enough that we made it to the peak just in time for lunch. Shared the view with some other hikers and a couple of friendly dogs and then headed back down to the car. It was also my luck that the wild blueberries were in peak season! Yummmmmm! The bushes were covered with berries and as a result I ended up with a couple of blue fingers. A small price to pay to enjoy the delicious berries!


At 8:26 pm, Blogger colette said...

Was your tongue blue too??

At 10:05 am, Blogger Kay said...

Ha ha! I'm sure it was...I didn't think to ask Beth!


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