Saturday, May 27, 2006

Baby tomatoes and other garden adventures

Have spent some time over the past two weekends getting my garden in. The weather hasn't really been cooperating, but despite the intermitant rain showers, I've finally managed to get the majority of my planting done. The focal point of my attention in the garden would have to be my baby tomato plants. They did wonderfully last year and so I'm trying my hand at some new varieties. I've planted two patio tomato plants, two sweet millions and one early girl. I've also planted some basil, lettuce, swisschard, carrots, spinach and a number of annual flowers to add some colour. My Japanese Honeysuckle is also doing really well and I'm hopeful that I'll have flowers on it this summer. My parsley also come back to life! I totally hacked it back last fall and it didn't show much life until about a month ago. Now it's springing back and is now gracing my old wheelbarrow which my dad fixed up and painted for me! Ah...childhood memories.


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